Health Benefits Of Chocolate Cakes

The question is; is chocolate cake healthy for consumption at all? Can there be any benefit in a cake other than fat & sugar?
In this age where the fear of high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, obesity etc, is the beginning of wisdom, So, people often wonder.
A study was done at a University of New York that had proven several benefits of chocolate cake.
Total 968 participants were under study, their ages ranged from 23 and 98, and they followed the normal diet. According to their findings, once ingested often, chocolate has a positive result on psychological feature, performance and might improve your memory and abstract thinking.
The results of the study are quite surprising. People who take a piece of cake before 9 am, had positive results. A piece of chocolate cake has positive results on our brain as the brain needs energy.
So, the answer is YES, Chocolate cake is healthy to eat. Chocolate cake carries a whole lot of health benefits simply because of the coco powder and dark chocolate used in making it. One of the explanations is that, it contains flavonoids that are mostly found in plant-based foods and they are obtainable in high quantities within the cocoa beans.
That is, for those that knows how to make good chocolate cake. Not just adding some browny into cake to darken the colour. It’s a whole lot more than that.
Surprisingly, there are lots of benefits added to eating chocolate cake that a lot of people don’t know about or we tend to overlook because it’s a cake. Even I got surprised in the course of making this research
1) chocolate cake is an energy boaster.
Simply because of the protein and sugar in it. It helps gives instant energy when you need one
2) chocolate cake helps as an antidepressant. It actually helps to regulate the hormones level. Helps to lower stress hormones and boast ones mood
3)It is also said that it reduces cholesterol levels in the body
4)a slice or two of chocolate cake with red wine is a mood boaster, try it.
5)it enhances focus •Chocolate cake can improve your memory. It is good for a brain to be healthy.
•Chocolate has methamphetamine, which is the same chemical that our brain produces when we feel like we are falling in love. It encourages our brain to release good endorphins. It makes us feel better. Chocolate cake is not only good for our brain; it is also good for our heart and soul.
6) It can help you lose weight. Yes oo.
You will not believe it, I didn’t either but they say its true. Balanced recipe of sugar and chocolate eliminates the cardiac risk. Just like what we have in Salt Water Sugar Solution for dehydration. Also, it helps in balancing your body stamina.
7)It is good for making a good and healthy heart.
It is good for our heart and circulation of blood.
Consumption of chocolate lowers the risk of strokes.
It contains minerals like selenium, potassium, zinc that are good for our health.
•Cocoa has a plus point that it increases the level of cholesterol that is good for health and reduces the level of cholesterol, which is not beneficial(LDL),which leads to protection from coronary heart disease. A moderate amount of sugar and chocolate helps in regulating the cholesterol level in the body. It also helps in moderating the cardiovascular system in the heart. You are just a click away to make your heart healthy.
8)It is said if the morning is good the whole day is good. We start our day with healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast helps in boosting the immunity and also helps in providing day energy. The cake is now considered as a good breakfast. It helps in satisfying the stomach hunger and makes you feel good all the time. And this is the reason people can improve their focus on work. It passes a good amount of energy to the brain that stimulates the brain power and helps in improving concentration.
•Dark chocolate contains flavonols, which can protect our skin from sun damage.
•It can help you to lose your weight.
•According to research, pregnant women should eat chocolate cake because it reduces the level of stress and the babies of those parents who used to eat chocolate cakes are more smiling than those whose parents not use chocolate cakes.
The Key Word here is “Moderation”. A slice or two per day works all the magic?

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